Fahavalo, Madagascar 1947
um filme de Marie-Clémence Andriamonta-Paes

After WWII, 9800 Malagasy soldiers travelled back to their island on the ship Ile-de-France. Upon reaching their homeland, they had no choice but to return to their “indigenous” status. As independence of Madagascar was absolutely not on the French agenda, they soon organized a rebellion, harshly repressed by the colonial authorities. The police reports mention that beside their spears and machetes the poorly armed insurgents used magic, during the 18 months uprising.

This journey through the past is brought to life by the witnesses today where the events took place, along the railways, through the forest, from the Highlands to the East coast of Madagascar. Interweaving archives with these rare and heartfelt testimonies, the film unfolds an unknown story of resistance.

Documentaries of the world award - 42nd World Film festival - Montréal, Canada
Special mention - JCC Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia


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ficha técnica
duração: 90 minutes
formato: DCP
ratio: 1:85
visa: 141893
ano: 2018


música: Régis Gizavo
fotografia: Cesar Paes
edição: Paul Pirritano e Gabriel Paes
direção: Marie-Clémence Andriamonta-Paes
produtor: Laterit productions
som: Gabriel Mathé , Alexis Durand e Myriam René
marcação de luz: Elie Akoka
uma co-produção: Cobra Films e Silvao Producoes
apoio: Doha Film Institute , région Ile-de-France e OIF

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