Angano...angano... Tales from Madagascar
a film by MC & C. Paes

Prix des Bibliothèques
Cinéma du Réel

Grand Prix
30ème Festival dei Popoli

A journey through original Malagasy tales and legends, to discover everyday life with humour and tenderness.

Chosen as one of the 20 best films of 20 years of
Pompidou center Cinéma du Réel festival.

“one of the most innovative and rewarding documentaries of recent years. It pioneers a new approach to film-making, at once scrupulously non-interpretative and brilliantly evocative... may well be one of the first “post-modern” ethnographic films.”
Donald Cosentino – Library of African Cinema

“the skill and the tenderness with which the director approaches the Malagasy are particularly impressive.”
Lindsay Anderson – film-maker"

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technical info
runing time: 63 minutes
format: BetaSP
ratio: 1:33
year of production: 1989

original languages:
available subtitles:

music: Carson Rock Rangers
photography: Cesar Paes
director: MC & C. Paes
producer: Marie-Clemence Paes
sound: Raoul Fruhauf
production: Laterit productions
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