Animated window on Madagascar
a film by Fabrice Maminirina & Jiva Eric Razafindralambo

4 animated shorts directed and produced by two malagasy brothers


DADARABE, the sorcerer 7’46’’ / © 2002 by Fabrice Maminirina Razafindralambo

A mischievous and clumsy sorcerer discovers a strange wooden box in a graveyard…


ON THE WALLS OF THE CITY 4’36’’ / © 2005 by Fabrice Maminirina Razafindralambo

Solitude in the city. An original urban view of Madagascar.


THE SUN RISES... THEN SETS 8’30’’ / © 2005 by Jiva Eric Razafindralambo

From dawn, a man with his zebu ploughs the land under a heavy sun. The heat, and his tiredness begin to play tricks on him…


THE SOULS OF THE BELL TOWER 10’30’’ / © 2006 by Jiva Eric Razafindralambo

This film is dedicated to all the victims of the 2001 cholera epidemic in Madagascar

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technical info
runing time: 30 minutes
format: DigiBeta
ratio: 1:66
year of production: 2008

original languages:
available subtitles:

director: Fabrice Maminirina & Jiva Eric Razafindralambo

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