a film by Julio Tavares

In 1462, the first African slaves were brought to the island of Cape Verde by the Portuguese colons. It is supposed that they were the first inhabitants of the archipelago. They carried with them the rhythms and the seeds of what became the BATUQUE: a music form, performed mostly by women, both singers and dancers. The singers, repeat very strong lyrics, sitting in a circle and beating the rhythm with their hands on a piece of cloth between their legs. While one woman performs a very sensual dance with her hips in the middle of the circle. During the colonial era, it was strongly forbidden but it remained alive in clandestinity. The group Raiz de Tambarina, one of the oldest groups of Batuque on Santiago island, is composed of ordinary people, saleswomen, fish-sellers, drivers... Through their every day life and performances, we discover Cape Verde today and their passion for the Batuque.

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technical info
runing time: 52 minutes
format: DigiBeta
ratio: 1:77
year of production: 2006

original languages:
available subtitles:

music: Raiz de Tambarina
photography: Cesar Paes
editing: Agnès Contensou
director: Julio Tavares
producer: Marie-Clemence Paes
sound: António Pedro Figueiredo
production: Laterit productions
co-produced by: France TV and LX Filmes
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