Awara Soup
a film by MC & C. Paes

Meilleur Film Ethnographique
Festival dei Popoli

Meilleur Film sur la Culture Créole
Vues d’Afrique

Grand Prix du Public
Noir Tous Couleurs

The awara soup is a kind of stew containing all sorts of ingredients from French Guiana. People say that if someone eats that dish on Easter, he’s sure never to leave Guiana. Using the cooking of this dish as starting point, the film explores the multicultural reality composing this French overseas region. Americian Indians, Europeans, Slave descendents, Laotians, Chinese, Brazilians, Surinamese, tell us how they’re bringing new flavours to the Guianese stew of identities.

“a beautiful film, both in thought and expression” DOX

"an excellent film for stimulating discussion about important issues of pluriethnic identity that go way beyond most american platitudes about multiculturalism." Lucien Taylor UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA

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technical info
runing time: 70 minutes
format: 35 mm
ratio: 1:77
year of production: 1996

original languages:
available subtitles:

music: Nikko
photography: Cesar Paes
director: MC & C. Paes
producer: Marie-Clemence Paes
sound: Bernard Oses
production: Laterit productions
co-produced by: Cobra Films , ORSTOM and ARTE

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